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Pricing and packaging

Pay television channels come in different price ranges. Many channels carrying advertising combine this income with a lower subscription fee. These are called “mini-pay” channels and are often sold as a part of a package with numerous similarly priced channels. Sometimes, the subscriptions are also sold “a la carte”, allowing consumers to select which channels they subscribe to. Usually however the regular pricing for premium channels ranges from just under $10 to near $25 per month per suite,


The biggest world-wide PayTV company (as at 2013) is Comcast, having 22 million pay TV subscribers.

Pay television has become popular with cable and satellite television. Most pay TV services now offer multiplex packages, in which the service offers several channels of programming rather than just one.



Pay-per-view (PPV) services are similar to subscription-based pay TV services in that customers must pay to have the broadcast decrypted for viewing, but usually only entail a one-time payment for a single or time-limited viewing. Programs offered via pay-per-view are most often movies or sporting events, but may also include other events,