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The pioneering cable TV service provider in Sri Lanka.


LBN is proud to announce its pioneering experience in the field of Cable TV in Sri Lanka. Been a truly Sri Lankan business house it has grown to reach many thousands of satisfied Cable TV viewers in their networked area.

Lanka TV Neth


Lanka TV Neth, world wide satellite television. Lanka TV Neth is a Direct to Home Satellite Television Service operated by Hemlock Investments Ltd,

Heritage TV


Heritage Television not only produce and telecast worthwhile television programs depicting the value of Sri Lanka. We get involved in introducing novel creations that communicate the Heritage of Sri Lanka to the world.

Cable Networks

A cable channel is a television channel available via cable television. Such channels are usually also available via satellite television, including direct broadcast satellite providers such as DirecTV, Dish Network and BSkyB. Alternative terms include non-broadcast channel or programming service, the latter being mainly used in legal contexts.

Another common label is cable network,