The pioneering cable TV service provider in Sri Lanka.


LBN is proud to announce its pioneering experience in the field of Cable TV in Sri Lanka. Been a truly Sri Lankan business house it has grown to reach many thousands of satisfied Cable TV viewers in their networked area.

Since its inception LBN has provided extremely high quality pictures to its varying audiences.
LBN has also had the expatriate communities entertainment and news requirement in mind and provided as many as 15 foreign language channels including Maldivian, French, Chinese, German, Russian to name a few.

Soon LBN will provide another outstanding feature to its customers by providing Internet connectivity via the same line. This will enable its clients to access internet at very high speeds for very competitive prices.

The Company has maintained its wishes to serve the people of Sri Lanka and maintain its truly Sri Lankan identity by keeping its pricing at below market rates to allow as many Sri Lankans to access quality educational, sports and entertainment channels.

LBN has also reached more people in the Mattakuliya, Negombo, Raddolugama and Nivasiepura areas while LBN will be reaching the people of Jaffna and Trincomalee very soon

With the appointment of been made the sole SUNTV provider on cable for Sri Lanka, LBN subscribers are guaranteed of uninterrupted and licensed service in the future.

The latest addition to its array of tech savvy features is the release from its R&D team the “HIGH DEFINITION ” revolution. This facility is envisaged to take TV viewing to another level and there is no better way than to provide this via a cable connection.

This is why at LBN we only say ” SEEING IS BELEIVING”

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