Sri Lankan radio channels

Apart from the state-run radio station SLBC, there are few private companies operate more than two or three radio channels– They included:

  •     E FM, Ran FM, and Shree FM: owned by Colombo Communication Limited (a subsidiary of EAP)
  •     Sirasa FM, Shakthi FM, Y FM, Legends FM and Yes FM: owned by Maharaja Broadcasting Corporation
  •     Gold FM, Sun FM, Hiru FM, Shaa FM and Sooriyan FM: owned by Asia Broadcasting Corporation
  •     Singha FM, Red FM, Tamil FM 107.8 : owned by Carlton Sports Network (Private) Limited [1]
  •     TNL Rocks, Lite FM and Rhythm FM: owned by TNL Radio Network
  •     Siyatha FM, Real Radio, Varnam FM and Kiss FM: owned by Voice of Asia Network

The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) operated three national services, in Sinhala, Tamil and English. Social awareness messages are often aired on issues such as drunk-driving, drugs and health concerns.

Throughout the authorities many private organizations obtained radio broadcasting licenses from the Media Ministry, Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRC) and commenced operation of a number of terrestrial radio stations. By 2010, over forty state and privately owned radio stations were in operation in Sri Lanka. The table below lists those currently active.

Radio Station Frequency 1 (MHz) Frequency 2 (MHz) Primary Language Status
New FM 91.4 English Testing
CRI SRI LANKA 97.9 Sinhala, Tamil, English & Chinese Active
FM Derana 92.2 92.4 Sinhala Active
E FM 88.3 English Active
Gold FM 93.0 93.2 English Active
Hiru FM 96.1 96.3 Sinhala Active
Isira FM 89.1 89.3 Sinhala Active
Kiss FM 96.9 English Active
Lak FM 106.0 106.2 Sinhala Active
Lakhanda 93.5 93.7 Sinhala Active
Lakviru Fm 105.2 105.4 Sinhala
Legends FM 96.6 English Active
Lite FM 87.6 87.8 English Active
MAXX R FM 95.3 Sinhala Active
Neth FM 94.8 95.0 Sinhala Active
Ran FM 88.1 100.5 Sinhala Active
Rangiri Sri Lanka 104.4 105.7 Sinhala Active
Real Radio 97.1 English Active
Red FM 99.5 99.7 English Active
Rhythm FM (formerly Asura FM) 95.6 95.8 Sinhala Active
Seth FM (Negombo City only) 101.8 Sinhala Active
Shaa FM 90.9 91.1 Sinhala Active
Shakthi FM 103.9 104.1 Tamil Active
Shree FM 100.0 100.2 Sinhala Active
Shri Global Radio 103.1 Tamil Off-Air
SLBC – City FM 89.6 89.8 Sinhala Active
SLBC – English Service 97.4 97.6 English Active
SLBC- Sinhala National Service (Swadeshiya Sevaya) 91.7 91.9 Sinhala Active
SLBC – Sinhala Commercial Service (Velanda Sevaya) 94.3 94.5 Sinhala Active
SLBC – Tamil National Service 102.1 102.3 Tamil Active
SLBC – Tamil Commercial Service (Thendral) 104.7 104.9 Tamil Active
SLBC – Ruhunu/ Rajarata/ Kandurata/ Uva/ Vidula/ Sport Service/ Times Radio 107.3 107.5 Sinhala, Tamil and English Active
SLBC – Kothmale FM / Dambana 97.6 Sinhala, Tamil Active
SLBC – Gemidiriya 89.8 Sinhala Active
SLBC – Pirai FM/ Wayamba/ Jaffna Regional 90.1 Sinhala, Tamil Active
Singha FM (Formerly Youth Radio) 88.6 88.8 Sinhala Active
Siyatha FM 98.2 98.4 Sinhala Active
Sooriyan FM 103.4 103.6 Tamil Active
Sun FM 98.7 98.9 English Active
Tamil FM 107.8 Tamil Off-Air
TNL Rocks 99.2 English Active
The Budhhist 101.3 Sinhala, English Active
V FM 107.0 Sinhala Active
Vasantham FM 102.6 102.8 Tamil Active
Varnam FM 90.4 90.6 Tamil Active
VIP Radio (Formerly Sath FM) 94.0 Sinhala Active
Y FM 92.7 English Active

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